Swimming Pool Chemicals

Our products have been designed for Australian conditions and are compatible with supplier products. Poolkares’ philosophy is “Keep it Simple”.  A lot of our clients have come to us due to water balance problems and confusion as to what function each product has.

Listed below are some Poolkare products and other chemical supplier products required for sanitising, stabilizing and balancing your swimming pool. For further information refer to Swimming Pool and Spa Association: SPASA Victoria at www.spasavic.com.au

Sodium hypochlorite: Liquid pool chlorine. Easy to use no dissolving.

Calcium Hypochlorite:
Powder/granular form of pool chlorine. Calcium hypochlorite requires dissolving in a bucket of water before adding to your pool.

Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (SDIC) or Stabilised Pool Chlorine:
Powder/granular form of chlorine.
Stabilised Pool chlorine as the name suggests already contains the stabiliser to prevent sunlight burning off chlorine.

Poolkare Stabiliser “Cyanuric Acid”:
This comes in the form of powder. The stabiliser prevents the sun from burning off the chlorine in the pool water. Eliminates chlorine wastage.

TICA Tablets:
Trichloroisocyanuric acid. TICA is used to control algae and bacteria in swimming pools.

Poolkare Dry Alkali:
Buffer. We recommend Poolkare Dry Alkali to control pH and Total Alkalinity levels. Use when required.

Poolkare Zed Zed 60:
A long term algaecide. We designed this algaecide to help “winterise pools”.  Simply add chlorine dose and Poolkare Zed Zed 60 monthly to maintain your pool over winter.

Poolkare Fast Floc:
This is our own flocculent designed to clean up muddy, dirty and cloudy pools. Must be used with Dry Alkali to ensure a complete floc is obtained.

Poolkare POPR:
Phosphate removal use as directed and only if phosphate levels are detected in your pool water.

Hydrochloric Acid:
Used mainly in pools running a salt chlorinator. Hydrochloric acid is used to lower pH.

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