What Chemicals Do I Need For My Spa?

One of the many questions we get asked is “what do I need for my spa?”
For many domestic spa users the simple system of Poolkare Bingo B, Poolkare Tiger A and Poolkare Wuncer is recommended. Poolkare Persox 980 is recommended to help the spa recover after heavy usage.

Four easy to use products, designed for Australian conditions, approved by APVMA where required and on average will treat 1500 Ltrs of heated water 6 -12 months (depending on usage) and product purchased.

Poolkare Tiger A: – Bromine Disinfectant
Poolkare Bingo B: – Water balancer
Poolkare Wuncer: - Cartridge cleaner
Poolkare Persox 980:- Spa shock treatment

Test strips or a test kit are required to test for levels of pH, Total Alkalinity and Bromine in your spa water. Test strips are quick and easy to use. Alternatively bring in a sample for free testing in our pool shop.

For people who are experiencing rashes or other problems with spa chemicals we have designed Poolkare Combat. Poolkare Combat balances the pH and Total Alkalinity of your water to ensure bather comfort and also protect your heater from corrosion. Poolkare Combat when used with Poolkare Persox 980 ensures your water is balanced and safe to bathe in.