YM-FAB Post Harvest Chemicals

Trading as YM-FAB Post Harvest Chemicals we are a family business that is committed to producing quality specialty chemicals, equipment and services for the post harvest and water treatment industries. Ym-Fab Post Harvest Chemicals are researching and developing new products for the pre-harvest application on all crops.

Our Mission:
Deliver specialty chemicals, equipment and industry knowledge through exceptional service, products and passion in what we do.

Ym-Fab Post Harvest Chemicals design, fabricate, install and service a wide range of Ym-Fab systems incorporating filtration equipment which can be used for post harvest washing of fruit and vegetables.

There are many companies that manufacture individual items such as pumps, filters and control systems. Wobelea Pty Ltd is the only company to effectively combine these skills and produce YM-FAB Post Harvest Systems since 1975.

New technologies are protected by patents in Australia, USA, New Zealand and EU, plus selected countries in South East Asia. These patents are directed towards new selections of actives and the appropriate pH buffer and control systems.


• We have special expertise with chilled and hot water systems.
• Poor quality water supplies coming from dams or rivers can be treated to potable water standard.


• Disinfection is necessary to extend shelf life and maintain water quality.
• Ym-Fab Post Harvest Chemicals have a range of chemicals to suit every situation in pre harvest, post-harvest and semi processed fruit and vegetable production.
• Effective ORP control requires a steady pH in the wash water.
• Ym-Fab Clobr™ and Ym-Fab HiHo play an important role to control pH and corrosion. Ym-Fab Clobr™ is a powder product which is manually dosed. Ym-Fab HiHo is a liquid solution dosed by injection pump into the wash system.


• Ym-Fab control systems monitor and control all aspects of filtration and chemical dosing.
• The addition of data logging allows continuous recording for Quality Assurance.

What we do

• Proud inventors of Ym-Fab Nylate®™ and Ym-Fab Anylate P®, controls plant and human pathogens.
• Inventors of our Ym-Fab systems incorporating filtration, automatic dosing and data logging.
• Future focus, develop clean green disinfectants to control pathogens on fruit and vegetables.
• Problem solvers, clean up river, dam, bore and spring water used to wash fruit and vegetables.
• Meeting the needs of Australian Growers in Food Safety and extending Shelf Life of produce
• Researching and developing new actives for the pre and post harvest water used on growing crops and washing fruit and vegetables.