Established in 1975 by William Bliss, Wobelea Pty Ltd is Australian owned and operated by the family, including the specialty areas of Poolkare Chemicals and Ym-Fab Post-Harvest Chemicals.

We have over 40 years of experience in pools, spas and water treatment including developing our own Ym-Fab Post Harvest System and making a wide range of specialty pool and spa chemicals. These include our famous Poolkare Bingo B and Poolkare Tiger A for heated swimming pools and spas.

Our Poolkare range of chemicals has been designed to suit all Australian requirements. We are committed to producing quality chemicals, (our Poolkare brand of chemicals are made on site) and we are registered with the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA).  Poolkare Chemicals offer free water testing and are happy to provide information for new and existing pool owners on all aspects of swimming pool chemicals and equipment.

Ym-Fab Post Harvest Chemicals design, fabricate, install and service our Ym-Fab Post Harvest Systems incorporating automatic filtration and dosing of Ym-Fab Nylate™®. We recognise that as the world population increases, so does the consumption of food, water, and energy. In fruit and vegetable washing – filtration is used to remove dirt prior to chemical disinfection.

To continue safe disinfecting and washing of foods, we can provide the systems needed to achieve your goals.

Our company covers all aspects of water treatment from commercial swimming pool dosing, looking after fountains and balancing swimming pools for horses and dogs.

Our focus is to continue providing high quality services, producing chemicals and strategies which will aid the reduction of water wastage and energy consumption to both the Swimming Pool Industry and the Agricultural Industry.

We aim to deliver specialty chemicals, equipment and industry knowledge through exceptional service, products and passion in what we do.

Contact us to review new and existing installations to ensure your system is providing safe and effective sanitisation of water for bathers and produce.