For Domestic and Commercial Clients:

Poolkare Chemicals have experienced technicians for all aspects of water treatment.

  • Clean up tank water to potable water standards
  • Specialty chemicals designed to balance newly filled swimming pools – ready for swimming straight away.
  • Water testing available for bore, dam, creek and recycled grey water.
  • Repair and maintain pumps, controllers and filters.
  • Supply swimming pool and spa equipment. I.e. Leaf Rakes, Rollers, Pool Blankets, Heaters, Blowers, Skimmer Baskets, Solar Heating etc..
  • Supply and install Salt Chlorinators and Automatic Dosing Systems.
  • Service contracts available to maintain commercial and domestic pools and spas.
  • Design and Installation of Plant Room Equipment.  Upgrades and extensions to existing facilities.
  • Installation of backwash water recycling systems.
  • Supply and maintain chlorine and chemical dosing systems.
  • Filters – Sand and cartridge.
  • Pumps – wide range of pump make and models available.
  • Agents for “Wapotec” – combined chlorine removal.

  • Aquarius Servicing and Installation specialists.
  • Automatic Dosing Equipment.
  • Pumps, Injectors and Filters.
  • Design, Fabricate, Install and Service Equipment.

  • Fountain displays in Melbourne.
  • Walkers and Swimming pools for Horses and Dogs.
  • Clean out water tanks – potable water standards.

One of the many questions we get asked is “what do I need for my spa?”

For many domestic spa users the simple system of Poolkare Bingo B, Poolkare Tiger A and Poolkare Wuncer is recommended.  Poolkare Persox 980 is recommended to help the spa recover after heavy usage.

Four easy to use products, designed for Australian conditions, approved by APVMA where required and on average will treat 1500 Ltrs of heated water 6 -12 months (depending on usage).

Poolkare Tiger A:          Bromine Disinfectant

Poolkare Bingo B:        Water balancer

Poolkare Wuncer:         Cartridge cleaner

Poolkare Persox 980:   Spa shock treatment

Test strips or a test kit are required to test for levels of pH, Total Alkalinity and Bromine in your spa water.  Test strips are quick and easy to use.

For people who are experiencing rashes or other problems with spa chemicals we have designed Combat.  Combat balances the pH and Total Alkalinity of your water to ensure bather comfort and also protect your heater from corrosion.  Combat when used with Poolkare Persox 980 ensures your water is balanced and safe to bathe in.

Our products have been designed for Australian conditions.  Poolkares’ philosophy is “Keep it Simple”.

A lot of our clients have come to us due to water balance problems and confusion as to what function each product has.

Listed below are some products required for sanitising, stabilizing and balancing your swimming pool.
For further information refer to Swimming Pool and Spa Association:  SPASA Victoria at

Sodium hypochlorite:  Liquid pool chlorine. Easy to use no dissolving.

Calcium Hypochlorite:  Powder/granular form of pool chlorine.  Calcium hypochlorite requires dissolving in a bucket of water before adding to your pool.

Sodium Dichloro Isocyanurate (SDIC) or Stabilised Pool Chlorine:  Powder/granular form of chlorine. Stabilised Pool chlorine as the name suggests already contains the stabiliser to prevent sunlight burning off chlorine.

Poolkare Stabiliser “Cyanuric Acid” – This comes in the form of powder.  The stabiliser prevents the sun from burning off the chlorine in the pool water. Eliminates chlorine wastage.

TICA Tablets:   Trichloroisocyanuric acid.  TICA is used to control algae and bacteria in swimming pools.

Poolkare Dry Alkali: Buffer. We recommend Poolkare Dry Alkali to control pH and Total Alkalinity levels. Use when required.

Poolkare  Zed Zed 60 is a long term algaecide. We designed this algaecide to help “winterise pools”.  Simply add chlorine dose and Poolkare Zed Zed 60 monthly to maintain your pool over winter.  Ensure your filter still runs approximately 2 hours / day.

Poolkare Fast Floc:  This is our own flocculent designed to clean up muddy, dirty and cloudy pools. Must be used with Dry Alkali to ensure a complete floc is obtained.

Poolkare POPR – Phosphate removal use as directed and only if phosphate levels are detected in your pool water.

Hydrochloric Acid:  Used mainly in pools running a salt chlorinator.   Hydrochloric acid is used to lower pH.

Filter Media -  Filtration Media 8/16 and 16/30. Graded sand required for sand filters.

Filter media is used in all types of Sand Filters.  The function of a sand filter to ensure that swimming pool water is kept clean.  Sand Filter Media will need inspection every couple of years to ensure it is working. A typical sand change for a domestic pool is required every 3-5 years depending on use.  Available in 8/16 and 16/30 grades.

Filters –

Poolkare sell a large range of Sand Filters from Waterco, Poolrite and Davey.

Sand filters are “backwashed” to clean the bed either by manual or automatic control. Insufficient backwashing is responsible for a lot of filter problems. In some cases backwash waste can be removed and the water used again.  Special chemicals can be used to improve filter performance.

Pumps - Poolkare are distributors for a large number of pumps.  Pentair, Poolrite and other brands can be sourced for individual requirements.

Cartridge Filters - Poolkare stock a large range of cartridge filters.  Please enquire regarding replacement cartridge and price.

Automatic Controllers -  A wide range of Controllers are available.

Suitable for domestic and commercial applications.

Probes – Poolkare sell a large range of probes from SI30, IH30, Aquarius Probes, Chemigem Probes, plus many others.  Please enquire further for pricing.

Feeders – BF 20

These feeders are designed as erosion feeders for Tiger A or Trichlor. These feeders are essentially low pressure units to be operated below 250 kpa and may require a pressure regulating valve on the inlet side.  No feeder should ever be restricted on the discharge side.

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Pool Accessories – Poolkare sell a large range of Pool rakes, brooms, skimmers, automatic cleaning systems such as Barracuda, Zodiac.  Other spare parts sold include: - Gaskets, Skimmer baskets, O rings, Locking rings.

Poolkare also sell Daisy Pool Blankets and Rollers – Pool Blankets are custom made to fit your pool.

Test Strips – 

3 way test strips


Test bromine, pH and alkalinity

Test range 0-10 ppm

Chlorine test papers


Test chlorine 10 -200 ppm

Other Test Strips- Peracetic Acid, Sulphite, High pH.  Please phone Poolkare for other specialised test papers.

Poolkare Operator Log Book:  Poolkare designed the Operator log book required by law for commercial operations.  Ideal to record daily test results.

Testing Tablets – Poolkare sell a large range of Lovibond and Photometer test tablets.  Prices are available on request.  Cater for photometers and comparators.

Buffer Solutions – Required to calibrate probes.  Buffer solutions are available in a range from pH 4.0 to PH 7.0 – plus many others.